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Photos: Radiohead

Yeah, I know, I know.. I am a Radiohead-freak. Today I am passing 3000 plays of Radiohead (Those are the ones that have been recorded!!) at my Last.fm account and I am celebrating this amazing event that is important to all human beeings by.... yes! Giving you my favorite photos of Radiohead. Found a lot of new ones that I have never seen before Last.Fm. For those of you that for some very daft and stupid reason do not like these gods, you CAN appreciate the good craftmanship of these photos. Some of them are just pure artworks, some have captured lovely little moment for ever. Observe the difference in high, especially when it comes to Ed and Thom, the lovely haircuts and sometimes strange clothes. And I actually think they are quite beautiful too :) Lovely stuff. Enjoy... I will ;)

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