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Friday, August 21st, 2009
8:42 am - Radiohead fandom history help needed!

The Radiohead article on Fan History Wiki needs your help! The article is supposed to give a history of the fandom. At the moment, it isn't doing that very well. It only has very basic information. It needs more. Whatever information you can add, from a date added on the timeline to a fandom specific term to how big a fansite or community is, that would be really great!

There is also an article about Radiohead cake canon. It needs help with sources, links to more information about the cake canon and additional info. None of the administrators at Fan History are familiar enough with it to improve it like it should be improved. Please help.

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Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
6:53 pm

Last batch of band necklaces on sale!

Modest Mouse and Sonic Youth necklaces are available also.


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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
10:20 am - t-shirt


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Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
9:22 pm - New Bat For Lashes album is coming!!

I dont think I could love Natasha Kahn anymore than i do... and then i hear a song like "Daniel" and I'm blown away.

Thom Yorke even loves it, and he's basically God, he said:
"Natasha Khan of bat for lashes ain't scared. I love the harpsichord and
the sexual ghost voices and bowed saws. This song seems to come from the
world of grimm's fairytales, and I feel like a wolf." - Thom Yorke

Read more...Collapse )

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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
6:57 pm

I've got some new Radiohead necklaces, but they might be the last ones because I"m pretty much out of booklet pieces

Here's a look at what's new:

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009
7:44 pm



I'm having a sale on Radiohead and other CD necklaces until the end of January, so now's the time to get 'em while they're $13!

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Friday, January 16th, 2009
2:03 am - Sale!


New Year's Sale!

There is a sale going on for all CD necklaces until the end of January. Don't miss out!
A few new Radiohead necklaces will be added in the coming days as well.


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Thursday, December 18th, 2008
4:41 pm


I made 6 new Radiohead necklaces out of The Bends cd!

they're at Juliesgasmoney.etsy.com if you wanna check em out more.

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Tuesday, October 21st, 2008
8:05 pm


I have some Radiohead necklaces in my etsy shop. Check 'em out!

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Sunday, October 12th, 2008
5:53 pm

New necklaces!


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Saturday, August 30th, 2008
1:55 am - Radiohead webcast live from Sata Barbara

As some of you may know, Radiohead played their last show fra Santa Barbara live on a webcast to. I saw it. I was dead tiered, cause it was 7 am, and I stayed up all night, but I saw it, so here it some selected highlights:

Paranoid Android
15 step

More will be added when published on YouTube :)

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
5:23 pm - piano cover

Hello guys,
I dont know the rules of this comunity, so I'll only post a link.
Here is a cover on the song "Nude", I made today,


Hope you like it.

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
11:56 pm - radiohead tomorrow (8/27) in chula vista

i unfortunately have grass seat tickets (but any tickets are WAY better than no tickets at all) so i'm going to try to get there as early as possible. anyone else going?

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Monday, August 25th, 2008
4:47 pm - All Points West, pics

Just sharing some of my photos from APW, perhaps the best two nights of my summer :)

I wish I could go to Japan, oh well.



more on photos here: radiohead photo set

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Sunday, August 24th, 2008
1:20 pm - Great lyrics & Great collaborations: R.E.M - Be Mine


In 1996 R.E.M released the album New Adventures in Hi-Fi. I had heard Monster here and there, but the release of New Adventures was the turning stone for my interest in R.E.M and I still really really love this album, though R.E.M have so many great albums. (The whole R.E.M interest probably also sparked because my boyfriend at the time had all and everything by R.E.M on vinyl :) ). I have about 5 or 6 R.E.M songs that tower above the rest for me, much because of the lyrics. I am usually not one that listens so much to the lyrics. I tend to listen to all the musical tidbits and arrangements first, and then turn to the lyrics. That often opens a whole new dimension to the song and makes me love it even more.

In some songs though, the lyrics just penetrates the whole expression of the song and demands to be heard. One of those songs for me is Be Mine. I love the beginning with the flight sounds and the simple but beautiful build up of the song, but those lyrics almost makes me cry. It is so clear that this person wants the other one so much with such a passion and I think we all knows how that feels, don't we? I certainly do.

A few years later Thom Yorke of Radiohead also choose to do a cover of this song with the instrumentalists of R.E.M as much as I love Thom Yorkes voice, not even he can come close to Michael Stipe on this one.

Fingers crossed that they will play it on the third of september! :)

The song with R.E.M Album version
R.E.M and Thom Yorke Version 1 version 2


("A speed zone up here too")

I never thought of this as funny
It speaks another world to me
I wanna be your Easter bunny
I wanna be your Christmas tree

I'll strip the world that you must live in
Of all its godforsaken greed
I'll ply the tar out of your feathers
I'll pluck the thorns out of your feet
You and me
You and me
You and me

And if I choose your sanctuary
I'll want to wash you with my hair
I'll want to drink of sacred fountains
And find the riches hidden there

I'll eat the lotus and peyote
I'll want to hear the caged-bird sing
I'll want the secrets of the temple
I'll want the finger with the ring
You and me
You and me
You and me

And if you make me your religion
I'll give you all you will need
I'll be the drawing of your breath
I'll be the cup if you should bleed
I'll be the sky above the Ganges
I'll be the vast and stormy sea
I'll be the lights that guide you inland
I'll be the visions you will see
Visions you will see
You will see
You will see
You and me
You and me
You and me
You and me
You and me
You and me

More about music and life at http://heleneshome.blogspot.com

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
6:02 am - Photos: Radiohead


Yeah, I know, I know.. I am a Radiohead-freak. Today I am passing 3000 plays of Radiohead (Those are the ones that have been recorded!!) at my Last.fm account and I am celebrating this amazing event that is important to all human beeings by.... yes! Giving you my favorite photos of Radiohead. Found a lot of new ones that I have never seen before Last.Fm. For those of you that for some very daft and stupid reason do not like these gods, you CAN appreciate the good craftmanship of these photos. Some of them are just pure artworks, some have captured lovely little moment for ever. Observe the difference in high, especially when it comes to Ed and Thom, the lovely haircuts and sometimes strange clothes. And I actually think they are quite beautiful too :) Lovely stuff. Enjoy... I will ;)

current mood: creative

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Friday, August 22nd, 2008
8:25 pm - New necklaces


Right now i have 13 Radiohead necklaces up for sale in my etsy shop! Lots of new OK Computer ones. Also two Decemberists, a Sonic Youth, and a Red Hot Chili Peppers necklace.

3 nature necklaces have been added, as well as two vintage illustration necklaces.

Check 'em out!

Add this lj for updates- more coming soon!

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Friday, August 15th, 2008
8:23 pm

I have 4 Radiohead necklaces in my store right now (2 brand new Ok Computer ones)
Check em out!:

Buy Handmade

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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
7:34 pm


The first OK Computer necklaces have been posted! At least one more necklace and a keychain will be added in the days to come. Stay tuned. (Add this journal for updates!)

julie's gas money

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Saturday, August 9th, 2008
10:05 pm - Gnarls Barkley RECKONER cover


Isn't this simply orgasmic?

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